Friday, March 16, 2012

My RAMBO of the Week


It's Friday, and thus begins a new segment for RAMBO of the Week: My RAMBO of the Week. Every week, we'll take a moment out of the utter absurdity to highlight someone who's been a champion for a good cause, lived life to the full or otherwise acted in a RAMBO-esque fashion. If you feel you've been RAMBO of your week, and totally owned life in one way or another, send me your story here. The stories can be heartfelt, ridiculous, dramatic or inspiring, but they must be true. Each week I'll pick the best story to run on the site. On offer for next week's winner is a $20 Amazon gift card.

This week's RAMBO of the Week is Damien Mander.
I saw Damien's story on the news the other night, and immediately deemed him worthy. First of all, the news program I was watching dubbed him "the RAMBO of conservation". Now, as you can imagine, I was initially sceptical. After all, calling someone "the RAMBO" of anything immediately sets them up for failure. I mean, such a standard is nigh-unattainable. It's like calling someone "the Unicorn John Lennon of flaming chainsaw juggling". How are they going to live up to that? Plus, the RAMBO of conservation? RAMBO's idea of conservation is fighting poachers by stuffing a silver back gorilla full of live hand grenades and throwing it at them.

Nevertheless, Damien fits the bill. After serving in the military for nine years, three of which were spent in Iraq, Damien has devoted his life to fighting poaching in Africa. As a result, he has started the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, which helps to provide training and equipment for local anti-poaching rangers in volatile locations in Africa. The guy is an absolute RAMBO for rhinos, and much deserving of the inaugural title of My RAMBO of the Week. Find out more at

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