Monday, March 26, 2012



Note: This week's Ask RAMBO comes to us by way of the inimitable Jesse Carey, and I for one hope his contribution becomes a regular occurrence. Thanks, Jesse!

Pet Regret in Tulsa asks: RAMBO, My wife and I recently adopted a puppy from a local pound. He’s really cute and friendly. But now, he’s starting to eat all my shoes, have accidents all over our house, and he barks all night. I think we made a mistake. Does it make us bad people if we return the puppy to the pound?

Good to hear from you, Pet Regret. This is a tough one. I still hear their screams. To this day, I tell myself we were just taking orders, just doing what we were told to do. But when you’re the one raining down fiery death from the deck of an Apache helicopter, you know that at the end of your life there are no generals or politicians to answer. Only yourself. The stench of napalm and sounds of the inferno created by your hands are no ones’ nightmares but your own. And they always will be.

I love puppies!
With affection,

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