Monday, March 12, 2012


Take that, questions!

Note: Hey guys. Now that Rambo of the Week has begun in earnest, I'm going to endeavour to update it on a daily basis. Thursday will continue to be the official Rambo of the Week day, with other days devoted to your submissions, RAMBO news, and regular features. With that said, I hereby christen Mondays "Ask RAMBO" day. Send RAMBO your most difficult conundrums and life decisions, and he will offer you advice only RAMBO is qualified to give.

Suspicious in San Diego asks: RAMBO, I have been in a relationship with a wonderful woman for the past three years. Lately, though, she seems cold and distant. She often goes out with friends, leaving me home alone, and rarely seems interested in spending time together. The other day, I heard her chatting and laughing on the phone in a way that seemed quite flirtatious. Am I right to be suspicious? Should I confront her, or just stay the course and hope things get better?

Thanks for writing, Suspicious. The thing about Nam was that we were all just boys when we were sent there. Boys who were asked to become men too quickly. The first time we engaged the enemy, we were scared. But as time went on, it became an addiction for us, the adrenaline coursing through our veins, the smell of hot cordite in the air as we fired off round after round into the dense, unfeeling jungle. Killing a man is no magic trick. It's as natural as breathing. I lost a lot of friends in Nam, but there's one friend I miss the most: My innocence.

Good luck with your girlfriend!

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