Monday, March 19, 2012



Agitated in Atlanta asks: I've been working at the same company for 12 years now. I work hard, contribute, and offer innovative solutions to the challenges we face. For about six months now, my manager has been grooming me for a promotion. Well, last week the owner of my company promoted his nephew -- a shiftless slob who only got the job as a favour -- and left me out in the cold! My manager is sympathetic, but there's nothing she can do. I am so fed up! Should I bite my tongue and learn to live with it, or quit?

That's a doozy, Agitated. I still remember as I snuck up behind the sentry, careful to control my breathing and keep the underbrush from rustling around me, I felt a moment of hesitation. This man had never wronged me. He was, like me, a soldier following orders. A nameless cog in the dread machine of distant geopolitical interests which ground so many of us to dust. I chose that day not to listen to the shrill voice in my head crying, "Don't do this, RAMBO! Turn back now, and become a man of peace!" As I slid my knife across his throat, I felt the hot, sticky flow of his very life's essence staining my hands. Somehow I knew immediately no soap would ever wash away that stain. Some things never wash away.

Hope that job works out!
All my love,

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