Friday, April 13, 2012

My RAMBO of the Week


Finally, a worthy entry to My RAMBO of the Week! Our winner of the $20 Amazon gift card is Matthew Cross, aka Derty Sowf. Derty completely RAMBOed his week, and is well deserving of the title. If you want to make your case as My RAMBO of the Week, email me here. I can't promise a gift card every week, though. What, do ya think I'm made of gift cards?
Last week I laid waste to some of the seediest jungles in the world… Corporate America. I’m stationed in the Accounting Division and like Rambo, I was drastically undervalued. So in the honor of Saint Rambo and Fleetwood Mac, I went my own way and landed two job offers in the same week by nailing two interviews. Both were bountiful raises. Then my company counter-offered by creating a position just for me, paying me more than both offers and letting me work from home. My wife and I celebrated by making an American stew out of three different types of meat and drinking an American brew… Bud Light Lime. Consider this week Rambo’d!!

Derty Sowf

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