Monday, April 23, 2012



Guilt-ridden in Grand Rapids asks: RAMBO, I can still see their faces. Hear their screams. Anyone who tells you killing from above as you scream over the Vietnamese jungle in an F-14 is easy is a liar. Have you ever strafed anyone with a 50-cal? All that's left is a reddish mist, and the knowledge that you can never be certain if they were friend or foe. How can I make the nightmares stop, RAMBO? How?
 That's a tough one, Guilt-ridden, but I think you'll find the old wives' tale here is true: Soda water is your best bet for red wine stains. Just mop up the excess wine with a damp towel (dab, don't rub), then pour on a generous splash of soda water. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. What could have been an awkward ending to your dinner party - and a hefty cleaning bill besides - can instead be another crisis averted by the world's most resourceful domestic goddess ... you!
Now I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds.

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